Social Media Optimization is an integral part of digital marketing methods. It is the combination of search engine optimization and social networks.

Also known as search marketing optimization, Social Media Optimization is an integral part of digital marketing methods. It is the combination of search engine optimization and social networks. In this online era, you cannot ignore the importance of an online presence and online visibility. It is an important method of customer interaction as well. SMO is a tactic to optimise this part of the digital marketing process. 

If used correctly and effectively, SMO can prove to be a very powerful tool that will increase the organic traffic to your website. It helps you to connect virtually with your customers and audience across platforms. You can greatly increase your business by embracing these opportunities to link to people and having well maintained, quality and consistent content output across all social networking platforms. It also helps your customers know where they can reach you or purchase your product from. 

Why use SMO

  • SMO has proven to significantly increase traffic to websites along with email marketing and SEO. It must be done effectively and you can expect loads of traffic to your business online platform. 
  • A large audience is online. To reach these online communities, your website must reach in front of their eyes, gain visibility. This can be done with SMO. 
  • Customers of any company are given business communication channels. This can be a Facebook page which helps these consumers reach them easily and helps build business customer relations. 
  • Almost all social media platforms can be used to advertise your product. They are virtually free to use and have a large audience and users. It serves as free and effective advertising.  
  • Presence of online communities lets you target your audience based on geographic or other criteria. If you wish to, you can advertise to a global or a local audience. This can be easily and effectively be achieved through Social Media Optimization Services of Nordic Drizit. 
  • Getting an immediate and print response to a query made on a social networking platform by a customer enhances customer experience and increases customer satisfaction. It also increases business credibility among your audience.
  • Social Media is an effective way to announce and make people aware of your latest products and any offers or sales going on currently. Announcing your marketing schemes and product launches on Facebook and Twitter ensures that the maximum number of people see it, not just your followers but also people with similar interests. 
  • Many zero cost options such as blog posts are available due to SMO. But you can also choose from paid options to reach your audience. Facebook ads, Twitter ads, LinkedIn ads are good examples. They may be paid but they are still more cost-effective than any other method when their success rate is compared. 
  • You can gather customer views and reviews from Facebook or Twitter on different products and services. It makes your customers feel valued and builds trustful relationships with your brand. They are also more agreeable to buying after they see you have made changes to better your product. 
  • If you want to increase your brand popularity and brand awareness quickly, you can do so with the help of Social Media Optimization. 

SMO Services Offered by Nordic Drizit. 

Facebook Marketing

Most of the social media users of the world are on Facebook. Apart from number strength, Facebook audiences also cover a large type of demographics and communities. B2B, business-to-business strategy is also made available through Facebook. Facebook lets you engage your audience through various forms of content, audio, video and even written posts. How you wish to increase your reach is only limited by your creativity. Facebook is also among the very few platforms where you can even directly target the audience of your competitors. Facebook also supports 10 different formats of advertisements. All these can be effectively inculcated in your Facebook and social media marketing strategy with the expert and experienced help of Nordic Drizit.

Twitter Marketing

Twitter has proven to be an effective way to help you in engaging your audience. Tweeting about relevant and trending topics can increase your brand visibility and credibility. Engagement on Twitter also increases your brand authority. Customers can ask you questions about services and products or share their views and opinions, this increasing engagement and building customer relationships. These relations can also lead to guest features for your brand by influencers. Twitter can also serve as the platform from where you can gather valuable tip, innovative ideas as well as customer information with ease. These can be used for promotion of your brand, making a strategy that is effective and strong. 

LinkedIn Marketing

A LinkedIn company page can be used to tell the story of your company, an overview and a brief description. When people visit your LinkedIn profile, they become familiar with your logo as well. LinkedIn also offers a professional platform to show your potential consumers your products and services. You can also create LinkedIn groups to connect people who share similar interests. These groups can be leveraged and used to gain valuable insights into the latest trends and efficient business strategies being used in the industry. Nordic Drizit can offer an efficient and effective LinkedIn Marketing strategy complete with search engine optimization. 

YouTube Marketing

The popularity of video content is growing immensely. People have an inclination towards watching videos than reading long texts. Videos can also more easily explain products than words and words of written content. Video titles and descriptions can also be optimized by SEO. YouTube Marketing also improves Google ranking. YouTube marketing strategies along with Google AdWords can help you reach global audiences in an effective and efficient method. YouTube also supports surveys that can help you gather valuable information about customer feedback. Your videos will also be reaching potential customers based on their interests which will increase the chances of them purchasing.