Brick and mortar stores have to keep up with the ever-changing technological advances. Traditional marketing techniques on their own are now insufficient and costly to maintain.

Brick and mortar stores have to keep up with the ever-changing technological advances. Traditional marketing techniques on their own are now insufficient and costly to maintain. Businesses realise this and so are now investing in digital marketing strategies. It also provides them with the added advantage of capturing a larger audience and benefiting from the online market. 

Digital marketing is all about using digital and online tools to grow a business. A strong online presence nowadays can make or break a business. It gives you a chance for sustenance, competition and growth. 

How Digital Marketing Helps a Business.

  • Digital Marketing techniques can help you reach a wider audience and extension into newer geographical locations. Traditional marketing strategies alone can make this task costly and tiresome. It is easier to get marketing campaigns up and going via digital means. They also are less time consuming to set up. They offer flexibility that can help you reach your target audience with less hassle. 
  • Being able to deliver to your audience what you promised is important in building your brand name. It earns the trust of your customers and facilitates strengthening your relationship with your customers. Brand awareness is so important and yet often an overlooked area of marketing strategy. Happy customers tend to share their positive reviews of your services or products with their circles. This opens up your business to newer cinders widening your market reach. Big and small businesses can take the advantage of digital marketing offers for building a trustworthy brand name. Unique logo, tagline or slogan also contribute to this end. 
  • Billboards, print ads, TV ads are expensive. Small or even medium-sized businesses cannot afford to spend major parts of their budget to gain the reach they desire. Hence they should opt for digital advertising and marketing. These do not require a large amount of money to be spent and they can even reach a wider international audience. Digital Marketing Services are all about giving you improved and effective marketing strategies and solutions and cheaper reasonable rates. Innovative marketing digital channels and employed that convert leads to sales. 
  • A digital marketing strategy that is effective will result in higher conversion rates. This eventually means higher profits and revenues. An effective plan with efficient execution will lead to higher profits than traditional marketing strategies. A study by Google shows that those companies that employed digital marketing methods had 2.8 times more revenue growth and 3.3 times increase in workforce and business. 
  • Digital Marketing strategies have higher returns on investment than traditional marketing strategies. Not just that, they also have the additional benefit that their returns are easier to track and monitor. This helps you measure and determine the actual results and impacts than an accurate guess. You can easily monitor your targeted audience and the impact a particular plan has made. An important part of a digital marketing strategy is non stop flow of traffic and faster lead conversion so that you get a quick return on your investment in the plan. 

Digital Marketing Services Offered


Many of your business goals can be achieved through Search Engine Optimization. With SEO, you can better your relationship with your audience, enhance the experience customers relate to your brand, and increase traffic to your site. SEO can give you an edge over your competition and increase sales, customers and eventually lead to the growth of your business.

Tech SEO

Technical SEO let’s search engines know that your website is of high value and hence rank you higher based on keywords. Through technical SEO Nordic Drizit can ensure your website is more visible on search engines to those who put the specific keywords into their search. To rank higher, Nordic Drizit will ensure that your website is fast, responsive and does not have a confusing navigation. These will lead to your website getting a boost in rankings. Having a strong technical foundation will also ensure that your customers have a satisfying experience on your site, thus making the search engines prioritizing your site. 

Custom Web Design

Your webpage is the first impression you make on your online audience. Based on these first impressions, people will make a judgement of your business, and you want that to be positive. Nordic Drizit can make your website look appealing so that you do not lose audience to your competitors. Web Design is also known to have an impact on how your site is ranked by search engines. Your site ranking high is important. People should be easily able to consume your content. The visibility, SEO friendly code etc are technicalities that need to be kept in mind while designing a website for the most impact and highest return on your investment in its design.

Video Production

Since Google acquired YouTube, Google search engine ranks those websites higher that have YouTube videos as a part of the website content. But you must ensure that you have quality clips to include that also have SEO based descriptions and titles. In this video-based age, people prefer consuming video-based content over the written material. Sometimes it can also be difficult to describe in words that can easily be conveyed through a video. Adding quality video content and using video marketing on your site also ensures that people stay on your site longer. Quality video inclusion is also known to increase the number of leads converted. Nordic Drizit can help you produce quality video content and how to put it on your website for maximum reach.

Application Management Services (AMS)

With so many applications to keep track of, safety, stability and security can become tricky. Many businesses are now turning to application management service providers for this. Nordic Drizit is specialized in such services to ensure that your business does not run into minor bug problems and has an updated enhanced system working in the background. They are experts in the field and ensure that the user end of your online presence is friendly and enhanced to give your audience the best brand experience. Updates and installations will be done to meet your requirements. They also ensure that you have a healthy system to monitor your database and an effective working system. 

Email Marketing

When you are looking for a fast, highly efficient and less costly means of marketing, think of email marketing and messaging. This method lets you reach your potential consumers and retain your existing customers, and also increase the visits and traffic to your site. Email marketing ensures that you have repeat customers in your business. Any business knows that repeat customers are responsible for the flow of a business. These customers are also more likely to suggest your business to others, becoming silent advocates of your brand. Nordic Drizit can help you keep your customer informed about new products, their variants, current sales and offers through effective email marketing strategies. 

Franchise SEO

Franchise SEO gives you the advantage of reaching new customers near a particular store or location. People are usually agreeable to travelling to stores of the brands they like, but they must be made aware of stores near them. Big or small, all brands need franchise SEO to reach and target location-based audiences and convert leads to sales. With Nordic Drizit and Franchise SEO, you can ensure that people of a targeted area know about your brand and product. People also tend to buy products and services from local providers, they tend to trust them more. Trusted customers are also more likely to suggest your brand to their neighbours and family. 

Link Building

For link building, you will have to reach out to other businesses with similar interests. You can also share information with them, thus leading to positive relations between your business and theirs, making them your allies. This also improves your website ranking. If the link in your website is strong, it will increase traffic to your website, and boost your reach and sales. These customers can also become your points of referrals. With Nordic Drizit in charge of your link building, your brand will be promoted and show you as the dominating brand in your field through strong lining and relevant creative content. They will help you showcase your expertise to your customers as well as the strengths of your goods and services. 

Social Media Marketing

Most of the global population is now using one or more social networking sites. They are daily exposed to various brands and companies through social networks. Networking platforms let you connect with your customers and make them know of your products and services, thus increasing your sales. If you do not use these sites properly, you miss out on the opportunity to tap the most powerful and effective tool in your hand. Nordic Drizit can help you keep track of all the various trends and updations to these methods, use reviews, ratings, comments to increase your business growth through social media marketing services. They will make sure of sending your consumers engaging content and gaining valuable resources, taking insights and understanding your challenges. 

Content Writing

It all comes down to quality content and content marketing. Posting blogs, as well as detailed articles on your business site, helps you convey your knowledge and expertise to your audience. It helps build your reputation as a brand along with trust and confidence in your product. You must also not limit yourself to just your website, but link your website to several others, sharing your expertise. This will expand your reach. It is not enough that people know your product exists, they must also understand it. You can explain the benefits and usage of your products or services through easy to understand content, at the same time it must be optimised. All these nuances will be taken care of by Nordic Drizit’s content writing services.

E-commerce Marketing

To keep your business open throughout the day would take a lot of time and investment in the form of staff and maintenance. But an online-marketing presence means you are open all the time, and customers can reach you at whatever time they wish. This is a prominent benefit of eCommerce. Ecommerce marketing gives you access to limitless customers. As opposed to physical stores, e-commerce gives you visibility as well as sales from an international audience. Apart from these benefits, online shopping is also more convenient for your customers, thus encouraging them to purchase. They can browse and shop from within the comforts of their homes.

E-commerce web design

Online market is going up because of the comforts of online shopping. Anything can be got online with just a few clicks. Since the e-commerce industry is booming, it is wise to tap into its potential, so you can sell more and reach a wider audience. This also means that eCommerce websites are what will determine whether your business goes up or down. An efficient well built eCommerce platform will ensure that your business efforts are worthwhile and your sales increase. Nordic Drizit will help you utilize this potential. It is essential to get expert help to make your website efficient as well as make strategies based on consumer data that is gathered from it. 

Local SEO

Local SEO is a cost-efficient method of advertising online. It lets you gain attention online in your locality. Most of the global consumer market is online now. To reach them, you require search engine optimization. It helps your business gain the attention of the targeted audience. Based on certain keywords, your product or service will be out in front of potential customers. This method is more successful because lead-generation done this way is more likely to get converted. The consumer is already searching for product or service related to your business and hence is more likely to buy. This method is more effective and efficient. 

Website Design and Development

Even if you have a website, you may miss out on its true potential without expert website design and development services. Nordic Drizit can help you make your website easy to navigate this making it a successful online presence. This will also decrease the time your site takes to load in the browser thus increasing its search ranking. Web design and development combined with the benefits of SEO will help your website have the competitive edge above your competition. It will make your website optimized, successful and user friendly with the help of visual and quality content. 

Pay Per Click Management (PPC)

SEO is a way to generate more sales through online platforms but it is rather slow. Hence many businesses opt for the fast method, pay per click ads. You can activate this method for a duration of time, when you need the sales and then switch methods. Many businesses make a special room in their budget for pay per click advertising. This form of advertising does require constant management which needs to be looked over by trained and experienced staff. These services and much more can be provided by Nordic Drizit. They can look after the ad content, its quality, the efficiency of the landing page as well as keep a track of leads being generated. 

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Nordic Drizit can provide these services. It will help you do away with the negative reviews and comments from search engines. They will also ensure that unwanted or old content displayed on your online platform is replaced by quality newer content that is relevant to your current plans. This helps your online platforms and social media rank higher. 

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Nordic Drizit helps you ensure that your existing website and social media accounts are being used to their full potential to increase business and drive growth from all marketing channels. 

Why You Should Use Digital Marketing.


Compared to traditional marketing efforts and tactics, digital marketing is much less expensive. The exact cost can differ depending on your campaign or platform. But it is lower than any other form of marketing. 

Easy Access

Most of the population around the globe own mobile devices and smartphones. All these are connected to more than one social networking platforms. With all the bonuses that digital marketing has to give, you can tap into this vast audience easily. This can be done through text marketing, email marketing, ads and social networking sites. Many different apps can take you to your audience. 


Digital marketing can take many forms, banner advertising, posting on social media platforms and email marketing. With so much flexibility available, how you reach and engage your audience is only limited by your imagination and creativity. It opens up new methods of publicity. You can also have the flexibility to detect a plan that is going south and stopping it in time. 

Easy to Expand

Most people now prefer to shop online from within the comforts of their home. Digital marketing helps you reach such a vast number of people and inform them of your services and products. With shopping ads and campaigns to increase brand awareness, you can expand your business and increase your sales multifold. 


It has been found that marketing strategies that work across different types of content and media platforms have more positive results. The content must be a combination of video, audio and pictures. These can be more easily incorporated into digital mediums than any other method of marketing.

Interactive Nature

Instead of marketing being one-sided, digital marketing gives you the advantage of interacting with your audience, through surveys, reviews, messages, comments and posts. These also relay the message that you value their opinion and input in bettering your product to give your best services to them. This makes them feel respected and valued increasing your brand likability. These methods also let you gather customer reactions related to your products and make the appropriate changes. 

Easy to Track

You can track your customers’ activity along with communicating with them. You can also monitor the recent ads watched by your customers before they decide to purchase. This will tell you what methods of marketing are effective and you can make changes to your marketing strategy accordingly to improve. 


In case there are controversies related to your product, digital marketing methods make it easier for you to reply and take authority over the situation. This leads people to trust you and your knowledge in the area. You can also share more information and answer queries easily. You can project yourself as the industry expert leading people to trust your brand. 

Influencer Marketing

Modern figures and cultures are made famous mostly through social media. With the help and guidance of a digital marketing agency and a marketing plan, you can approach them easily. With the right strategy and marketing tools, you can get them to endorse you, represent your brand or promote it on their social media platforms. Your goal to increase your brand awareness can be aided by influencers. 

Enhanced Marketing Campaign

With quality content online, even your printed ads and non-digital marketing campaigns become effective and have higher ROI.